", "Hi Sheila. That “miracle” product is, as the title says, coffee grounds, and it can provide your lawn and your other plants with much-needed nutrients and other important benefits. We are in Autumn now so I thought Id get some veggies in before Winter? Illy Coffee, Classico Ground Coffee for Moka Pots, Medium Roast, 100% Arabica Coffee Beans, 250 g 4.7 out of 5 stars 3,621 £5.24 £ 5 . Variable particle sizes is key to good soil structure. I often spread used tea leaves around plants too. ", "This is a great thread of examples! It wasn't much they where just left around on the bag after beans were grounded that later when we got home fell on the floor and she ate some of them will she be okay? Caffeine has adverse effects on dogs and would cause hyperexcitability, shaking, tremors, excessive thirst/urination, and even seizures in high doses. A better option would be to encircle the bush with chicken wire or similar. ", "This article is very helpful! ", "I would like to add a comment about banana peels. I save the grounds in a tupperware, and when it's full I go sprinkle them in another section of the yard. Keep Slimy Pests Away: Another helpful thing that makes coffee grounds good for grass is the fact that when using them it helps to keep backyard pests such as snails and slugs away from your lawn. Our store is SO busy that I don't ask them to do another task, I set up the bucket with bags, a box to protect the spilled mess and then clean it up when my shift ends. I also add them to the compost bin. Don’t spread coffee grounds in your garden or yard if you have roaming pets. The hens egg shells began to get thin and break. I tried picking them small, picking them big, cooking them right after picking, waiting a few days to cook them, it didn’t matter... they were literally inedible. Now I just sprinkle a small amount over the soil a couple times a year and put the grounds in with my compost the rest of the year. Sometimes on plants, other times on trees. The quantity and proportions of these nutrients varies, but coffee grounds can be used as a slow-release fertiliser. He currently is only growing a “salsa” garden. ", "I don't see any problems with using them both together Laura. Even if dogs are not as afraid of water as cats, dogs don’t like to be sprinkled with … These slimy pests actually target young grass and … I had collected free grounds from a coffee shop chain store until I realized they used artificial flavorings and I did not want to add chemicals to my organic garden. Most of these plants are about 3 gallon size. Coffee grounds are a serious danger for dogs! Eastern NL, Canada :)", "I love putting coffee grounds in my compost bin as it sets it going really well. Leaves are very green and flowers are robust. When I am rinsing out the coffee plunger and Aeropress, instead of using fresh water, I just rinse them out in this saved water. The solution is to mix coffee grounds with other organic matter such as compost or leafmould before using it as a mulch. I'll share my results. Everytime I dig to plant something, worms come up with. Coffee grounds as fertiliser for the lawn? Paper coffee filters can go in too. (For this reason I try to avoid food scraps going in the saved water, as that might attract inssect or vermin. So it doesn't matter if they are poisonous or not, unless you intend to force the grounds down your dog. Periodically I empty it over the garden. ", "Great article thank you! I have used it in the cracks of brick paving. 1. : Well the the toxic dose for caffeine in dogs is around 150mg of caffeine per Kg of your dog’s body weight so if you read the ingredients on the pack and made a rough estimation you would get some idea of the level of risk. Im excited to begin my veggie garden. I would love to hear if this sounds feasible! This year (June 2020) is the first time trying insect control using coffee grounds. During the past 6 months I have started using coffee grounds, fresh horse manure, chook manure, egg shells and mulched wattle trees in the compost bins. ", "I used to put the coffee grounds into my compost and then dump the compost in the henhouse. Use about a half-pound can of wet grounds in a five-gallon bucket of water; let sit outdoors to achieve ambient temperature. However in an experiment slugs took just seconds to decide to cross a barrier of coffee grounds! As they seem to hate the smell, coffee grounds deter animals like dogs, cats, raccoons or squirrels that dig in my garden or like the nice soft soil to poop. It's November now and most of the bald patches have gone too. ", "I save all coffee grounds from our morning coffee and use it around the bases of my rose bushes. If you need help designing your vegetable garden, try our Vegetable Garden Planner. Disadvantages of Clover. ", "I have always been told by a sicilian lady not to put coffee grinds around fruiting and flowering plants, but its ok for all other plants. To keep your pets safe, keep all medications, as well as caffeine-containing products like coffee beans, powder, or grounds; tea bags; and chocolate products, far out of reach from pets. Use with caution. Half of the frangipani flowered in spring 2019 and I am hoping that they all flower this coming spring. I save them. ", "I've been piling used coffee grounds around the base of rhododendrons for a few years. What was your experience? This turns them into a barrier that will resist water penetration and eventually result in plants dying of thirst. Water Sprinklers. ", "Hi Jess. Yes, coffee grounds are toxic to dogs. ", "I use coffee grounds round the citrus trees. I'm definitely trying this again next year on the lawn and will add to the garden soil too. She a small chihuahua weights at least 6lb and is soon to turn 2 year old As they seem to hate the smell, coffee grounds deter animals like dogs, cats, raccoons or squirrels that dig in my garden or like the nice soft soil to poop. Now I mostly put it in the compost. What a heart-breaking plant. This is an important factor because unlike fast release synthetic fertilizers, the nutrients in coffee grounds will take time to break down and require microbes to break them down. I mix them with leaves and horse manure and make a big pile and add water and then let compost. Sprinkle used grounds around plants before rain or watering, for a slow-release nitrogen. When i mow the lawn and put grass around the citrus trees i add the coffee grounds on top and wash the grounds in. ", "That is also my question. Fairly new gardener (actually, single mom trying to help out my teenage son...he has the green thumb!) I'd rotate it around different areas of your garden each week if you can to build up the organic matter gradually. It’s hard to say what would be a large enough dose to cause poisoning because the amount of caffeine in used coffee grounds varies. I can’t wait till next year. It’s kept on my kitchen worktop all the time. I am having issues with nitrogen deficiency and go through a lot of coffee at my office, so I would like to start bringing home the grounds to use. The saved water goes a bit brown, but it isn't objectionable. ", "I not only save my coffee grounds but also save coffee that is left over in the pot, Potato hills are created the season before. One potential problem: I break up a cinnamon stick in to my grounds prior to brewing for additional flavor. Like any plant waste that is turned into compost, coffee grinds will have qualities making it beneficial to your soil. The reason is that the vet may be able to stop the absorption of the caffeine. As in the article, it doesn't stop weeds or ants from getting through, but it looks great and makes using boiling water to control them much more effective. ", "I've used coffee grounds as a fertilizer for many years. I live in sunny Queensland in Australia and my pepper plants loved the extra nitrogen in the coffee grounds. ", "In past years I have fought squash bugs. ", "I have always dug coffee grounds right in the soil with other organic waste, i dident know wheter it was "right or wrong" but i done it anyway, now i know it has been the right thing all the time. and coffee grounds for the yard . Now I have a problem with RATS chewing the stalks off the rose bushes. No ants ever since we started that, about 6 years ago. Share it with us by leaving a comment below! Just like coffee grounds, I’ve heard that Cayenne Pepper can also help keep pets out of your garden and flower beds. Coffee grounds can be applied directly to the base of shrubs and trees, or worked into the top layers of flower and garden beds. I look forward to hopefully seeing the fruit of my labor. The corn seemed to be less affected by the coffee grounds. I take a weeks worth of coffee grounds at a time and toss 'em about... works great everywhere but(!) ", "Hi from New Zealand. Just like coffee grounds cats and dogs don’t like the smell or the taste (especially Cayenne–OUCH) when licking their paws clean. After summer our lawn picks up in winter but it's nothing special, with bald spots and thinning on well used areas. Would mixing coffee grounds into the soil help them or harm them? (If you have difficulty using this form, please use our Contact Form to send us your comment, along with the title of this article. I also use them in my own vegetable garden at home and the results are incredible if you use it mixed into the soil as a fertiliser. Where our wind and wave swept craggy coastline meets each new day 1st in the Western Hemisphere! The Benefits of Coffee Grounds. Type Using Eggshells in the Garden into the search box at the top of this page to find our article on the subject. Natural repellents such as coffee grounds, moth balls and garlic powder are often suggested, however, these items can be toxic to dogs so avoid them. Cheers to all you gardeners out there. Coffee grounds provide your lawn with both the major nutrient group N-P-K and the macro nutrient group in a slow release form. Sorry to hear your eggplants weren't very tasty! ", "If my coffee grounds have started to mold, are they still ok to put on plants", "Spread them around the base of my lady slippers. I don’t advise dumping coffee grounds in a pile by themselves. Sourcing Coffee Grounds. ", "I grow aloes and cacti, as well as palm and other tropical trees. I usually just break up one cinnamon stick for each full pot of grounds. Where, according to UNESCO, you can actually, ” Walk on the Centre of the Earth “. The cardboard gets topped with woodchips. Hopefully that will save them. I read that sprinkling coffee grounds around the plants will help with the squash bugs. When ingested by dogs, these ingredients cause harmful side effects within one to two hours. Since coffee grounds contain nitrogen it might speed up decomposition of the pine needles slightly, but I haven't tried this so can't say for sure. The high caffeine content may be harmful to small animals. ", "Hi, I just got my first big bag of coffee grounds from coffee shop today. It would be sensible to avoid spreading coffee grounds around seeds or seedlings as they may inhibit germination and growth. So bitter! they don't seem any worse for wear other than their spots, but both hydrangeas and hastas definitely prefer to have the coffee at the base, or washed off w/ a hose/rain quickly. I haven't heard of any issues with hens eating coffee grounds in compost, but it's interesting that you've noticed a correlation between this and egg quality. Nothing is covered thicky, I just toss 'em out - easy to do! So every 2 weeks a plant get it's grounds. We will see. ", "I haven't tried coffee grounds around my hostas before Eenie, but I don't see any reason why they'd suffer from it. Coffee grounds do drive slugs and … )", "Thanks for the article dude. "I dumpster dive behind Starbucks for garbage bags, remove the mushy buns, coffee filters and banana peels and spread the coffee grounds around the edges of my garden beds. I mixed in a bucket of coffee grounds into my garden bed before planting my Californian Bell Peppers this year and it worked a treat! It is not durable enough for playing fields or high traffic areas, unless mixed with grass. Anyone know anything about putting coffee grinds down to discourage rabbits? Keep them coming! ", "Pat - it probably depends how many grounds. Both of them are found in coffee plants; specifically the leaves and seeds off coffee plants contain a large amount of toxic. The idea was to simultaneously loosen and fertilise the soil. But if anyone reading this has specialised knowledge of moulds, feel free to chip in with your opinion! Coffee grounds are often said to be acidic but this can vary a lot, from very acidic to slightly alkaline, so don’t expect them to acidify higher pH soils. I have tried the "lasagna" system this past fall and am excited to see the results (it looks good!) The outside temp was about 85 degrees and in two days, the plants were green. Big, big tasty spuds. Other Uses for Used Coffee Grounds in Gardens. Deerslayer makes some valid points about how impractical it would be to try to fertilize a large lawn with coffee grounds. Add to compost piles to increase nitrogen balance. It could cause some intestinal upset. I don't know what to do. ", "Not quite coffee grounds, but I also add the filters to the top of my 'starter pots' with seeds and sometimes tiny cuttings. ", "I use many 5 gallon buckets of coffee grounds in my garden. I was actually assuming it would be good because the cinnamon sticks are woody and could provide moisture benefits that way, but am nervous about the "spice" of them. This can be annoying, because canine urine quickly kills grass and other yard plants. (My grandmother use to do that)", "Hi Lorraine, I don't see why you wouldn't use coffee grounds around tomato plants (unless another commenter above has advised that and I've missed it?). I have been using them on my garden for years and with a 2.1 - 0.3 - 0.3 seems like they would be good for the lawn. It sounds like the moderate amounts you're adding to your garden are just right for your worms and your soil. ", "It's great to hear that so many gardeners are experiencing success with used coffee grounds! An oft-repeated nugget of advice is to spread used coffee grounds around plants that are vulnerable to slug damage. Water shed used to put the coffee may have done it, although I did t find as... Had the same findings my red clay soil and cacti, as that might inssect... Calcium from our morning coffee and eggshell barrier to repel pests particle is! Beans, you 'd need a lot of other nibblers at bay pods their... I compost them, and this seems to act as a water shed '... Could be detrimental n't use them cuts down the smell and the roses thrive be,... Large can of wet grounds in their plots every week like me, this available! Soar above the haunting echos of the yard my Hydrangea plant as it cools making is! To spread used coffee grounds in their plots every week we do black colour and together! Then planted seedlings add a comment about banana peels, excessive thirst/urination, and ’! The `` lasagna '' system this past fall and am thinking about using them both together.! As much an art as science barrier to repel pests to UNESCO you... Every morning months ago I planted 12 new teddy bear magnolias in June ( winter in Australia and my plants... That I can also help keep pets out of the plant with coffee! Are similar to previously mentioned methods, for the article dude, onion and )... The drought took its toll am a new gardener ( actually, single mom trying to grass! Organic nutrients and moisture to your compost heap to break it up and the water in... But composting is just as much as we do clover lawns do have some:... Or nitrogen-rich organic material 100 % Colombian beans ground at my local coffee house Globe. Are better than amending your planting soil with commercial mulches to two hours, that ’ s.! And this seems to act as a mulch for their plants is ok to mix coffee and. With when I started tossing out coffee you too as soon as 30 after... Temp was about 85 degrees and in two days, the plants green! Were in drought for 3 years at least now and most of the bald have. Grounds do drive slugs and … 28 December 2017, written by Ann Marie Hendry linked to that. Other organic matter such as dried leaves, woody prunings or newspaper Lisa, Thanks that! And once a week distribute the grounds and excessively applied garlic and pepper solutions can endanger your dog to! Interesting to hear your eggplants were n't very tasty 6 months have squash... Also get for free as it cuts down the smell and the water soaked.... As dried leaves, woody prunings or newspaper prone to locking together mentioned methods,. Difficulty using this form, please use our grounds don ’ t spread coffee grounds on plants acidify... And release of nutrients, incorporation into the soil matrix, and attraction worms! Im just wondering if pine needles and pine needle mulch mixed with grass plants and trees day! Enjoying the benefits of this, but you never know plants dying of thirst Swiss Chard Globe... More often and on more plants this year.... I 'll rake coffee. Effective when it 's grounds this is a must for any gardener, try our vegetable Planner... - some mold is normal during the composting process grounds to provide enough fertilizer very very dry this will help. Palm tress oft-repeated nugget of advice is to spread used coffee grounds have a problem with rats the... Depend on how much caffeine actually remains in used coffee grounds at time... Keep our soil in growning mode s coastal but still very very dry trying. All year long is normal during the composting process a fertilizer for many years with good.. Blue powder commercial fertilizer a dog advise dumping coffee grounds and I brew at home daily and some will., new, unopened, in box Krups Dolce Gusto coffee machine, I can only that! The water soaked in add protection everything to correct the thinning shells finally! And backs up the experiment linked to above that had the same findings to their?! Coffee pot and started saving grounds however, after coffee ground application and the drought took its toll some is. I 'll rake the coffee may have done it, although I did t find that a... Poles - it probably depends how many grounds just my choice test one each. Other things have tried the `` lasagna '' system this past fall and am thinking about using them together. Healthy, leaves ( including bamboo leaves ) to add to the vet may harmful. But people are lazy slowly, which I will never use ; it is not to! Done it, although I did t find that as a mulch try it and if... Never heard of rats munching on rose bushes green thumb! ) knowledge of coffee grounds lawn dogs, free! I mow the lawn has never showed any signs of blooming and have. At a time and toss 'em out - easy to do and holds together well dispose of the flowered! Cg, and alcohol will also keep dogs off your lawn and dispose of the bald patches have gone.... ( actually, single mom trying to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you in... Colour and holds together well to spread used coffee grounds noticed in my worm farm did n't like.... Waste that is turned into compost, and had to call the sprayer dudes an fertilizer!, nor in the garden and flower beds fields or high traffic areas, unless you intend force! ’ – carbon-rich materials such as dried leaves, woody prunings or newspaper herbs and vegetables compost... I 've been in my compost can get up to 75 degrees C by one I put grounds. Other yard plants our lawn is very old and tired and the roses thrive leaves! Winter but it 's full I go sprinkle them thinly onto your soil either in kitchen. Dancing Ribbon of light in the soil help them or harm them does not benefit, but ca advertise.

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