It is important to keep the hair moisturized and prevent as much chlorine damage as you possibly can. Swimming is fun and relaxing whether you're doing it for exercise or just to cool off. by Chelsea Castonguay March 4, 2018. Before Swimming: Naturally curly hair can take a hit while swimming. What kills hair, if I recall, is chlorine PLUS sunlight. However, there are things you can do to protect your curls this summer. The chlorine of pools and salt of the ocean can wreak havoc on strands. Follow up with a conditioner as needed to help reintroduce moisture into your strands again. U-part Cap Versatility Wet & Wavy 2in1 Wig Straight to Curly Revertible Summer Wig Human Hair Swimming Wig [GWL12]--13x6 cap not available currently $185.00 $138.75 601 Review(s) Orders(5211) That is why it is so important to protect your hair while you swim. Wash it … It's not horribly damaging. I swim daily. After swimming, it's important to immediately rinse your curls with cool water. You don't have to limit your pool time for your hair, but you do have to take some extra precautions. Give these suggestions a try to have beautiful curls all summer long. Apart from having to wash my hair more often than usual, it doesn't really affect my hair. When it comes to curls, going swimming can present a problem. Curly Hair Tips. Swimming hair care is more than just getting your hair out of your face! These basically look like a ladder or DNA strand. Especially if you will be swimming frequently, this is a crucial part of your pre-swimming routine. Home Curly Hair Tips How To Go Swimming With Natural Curls. How To Go Swimming With Natural Curls. March 4, 2018 0 comment. There is good news, though! This is also a convenient way to keep your hair dry while you are swimming. In these chains you have hydrogen, disulfide (not part of this answer) and salt bonds. Oil penetrates the hair shaft, prevents water from entering into the cuticle, and lowers hygral fatigue (swelling and drying of the cuticle). Pre-Swimming Hair Care. Chlorine can be very harsh on hair, especially thick, curly hair. I come home, I shower, I use my sulfate free shampoo and silicone free conditioner. Here are some ways to keep your hair healthy while swimming this summer. This will close the cuticles back down, and remove any lingering build up. Here's our guide on protecting naturally curly hair while swimming. This is important for keeping your curly hair safe while swimming. Your hair is made up of amino acid chains. There are things that you can do before and after swimming to make sure your hair is protected. Oil Your Hair; Oiling is the primary and most important step to protect the hair from chlorinated water. I'm still experimenting with products, and I found a sulfate free conditioner that I really like so far. For extra protection cover your hair in a little oil to repel any water that may get under the swim cap. Swimming just after starting curly girl method I discovered this subreddit after years of having no idea what to do with my curls, and I decided to try out the curly girl method! Chlorinated water and constant friction from swimming will take a toll on African American hair.

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