Lisa kissed you harshly, pulling you by the waist, making your bodies collide. š 𝙈𝙊𝙈𝙀𝙉𝙏𝙎 ─────────────, 瑜 𝙊𝙐𝙏𝙁𝙄𝙏𝙎 ─────────────, 希 𝘿𝘼𝙄𝙇𝙔 𝘿𝘼𝙔 ─────────────. [+137][-11] Mine is Blackpink's cover of 'So Hot' ㅠㅠㅠ I genuinely think this is the best idol cover stage. Jennie knew when to take an opportunity especially with cute girls with kind hearts so she just did. Your self control had its limits. 𝘽𝙍𝘼𝙉𝘿 𝙉𝙀𝙒 || Soloist. by -rverie (ƏLLA.) “Can we have a jealous lisa over her bandmate or other kpop idol who is close to the reader and the reader shows lisa that she is the only one for the reader”. Jennie had to grip Lisa’s hand in order not to fall face first on the floor. She would praise your talent, being proud of you was usual for her but this time it was more than pride. You nudged Jennie shoulder and took her hands in yours still in your acting role. Yeah once again no one asked but i want to post but the scenarios requested are not yet ready so please wait for me with that -Ael, “Baby come on let’s go take a walk please, I really need to go out of this hell of an apartment for a moment, like right now.”. Jennie as usual laughed at her girlfriend’s childish behaviour, sometimes she swear it felt like Lisa was a five years old child. Rosé chuckled too, thinking about at the end it was more of a kissing chase than an soccer game. Jisoo was about to talk but you cut her off. She wasn’t looking at you her eyes scanning the scene in front of her. From Left to Right (Jennie, ROSÉ, Lisa, Jisoo) BLACK PINK (블랙핑크) is a South Korean girl group under YG Entertainment.The members consist of Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rosé. She would immediately apologise. Recently, (G)I-DLE 's Minnie is getting attention from viewers because of the lovely relationships she is having with the other K-Pop idols appearing on the show. You both liked to go out on afternoon activities and it was a common thing between you two to switch who was planning the weekly date every week. Wendy would be saddened by the sight of Sejeong (Gugudan) and you holding hands. Jichu would be so shocked, her mouth literaly agape. Nothing wrong with them, but they don’t move the needle for me. Lisa looked at Jennie with her pleading doe eyes, it’s been four hours of hard work since Jennie came home with an urgent file that she needs to finish today. Hoodies, tees, vinyl, accessories, and more. Lisa was surprised, you never mentioned having any interest in dancing before. “Yes Jisoo, I’ll make sure she doesn’t cook.”. Lisa usually wasn’t the type to make out in public areas, especially not where the girls could see you at any moment but you sure weren’t about to complain. To be honest Jennie’s brain couldn’t take more either, she’s been reading again and again the same line for ten minutes now. You laughed at how every time you showed up at Blackpink’s dorm, the members would cheer for you as if you were their saviour. You and your three closest friends got anonymously invited to go to South Korea to live with four idol groups which are BTS, EXO, BLACKPINK, and (G)-IDLE. [+98][-10] To be honest, Jennie had an insane impact ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Her visual type was not something we had seen before . Lalisa didn’t wait any seconds, she pulled her girlfriend by her hands directly towards the front door. Jisoo would be unusually calm, she’ll be so happy you finally agreed to leave with her that she wouldn’t want to do anything that might change your mind. If Irene found it was getting too much she’ll confront Jennie, she would be ready to break her relationship with her long time friend for you. Can you believe it ?!”. You entered the kitchen and came right away backhugging Lisa. However she was very grateful to be able to see an other side of you. There were fruits, sandwiches but also deserts coming right from your favourite bakery, in other words made by Chaeyoung herself. She didn’t answer directly still scanning how she was pressed against Lisa’s body. The girls decide to go eat outside this day and to be honest they made the right decision. I’m open to every request and not hostile towards any ships. We’re living together ! Miyeon seharusnya debut dengan BlackPink, tetapi dia meninggalkan perusahaan. (G)I-DLE is a girl group, debuted on May 2nd, 2018, consists of 6 members. She gave a strong impulse to the ground with one of her long legs and jump back on the platform. At the end of the day Joy was more pleased by her gifts than upset about you and Yiren. Seriously, I can't thank you enough for doing my request. She’ll come back to you, encircling her arm around you and finally wearing her perfect smile. Jennie liked to met new faces at pride and to be honest she found yours quite attractive with your rainbow attire so she tried her luck. Once you set the last object she changed radically becoming baby Jennie offering you a never ending gummy smile. Basically for those who don’t really know what to request, I’ll put some ideas on here. Jennie was overseas for Blackpink’s Worldwide tour, you miss her so much, it’s been almost a month since you last saw each other in real life. They were back in primary school. Press J to jump to the feed. Soon enough you arrived at the local park, parking the car where Rosé asked you to. “뚜두뚜두 (DDU-DU DDU-DU)” is the trap-influenced title track from K-pop girl group BLACKPINK. “Baby listen to me. [BTS] Reaction to [blackpink] [ddu du ddu du] golden disk awards 2019 Posted June 17, 2019 by #NCT127 #Superhuman #청하 #CHUNGHA #Flourishing #Special_Invitation #RVF #D-10 #RedVelvet #레드벨벳 #TheReVeFestivalDay1 #One_To_All #ATEEZ #에이티즈 #CosmicGirls #동방신기 #TVXQ! You trusted her in a regular basis but not having seen each other recently and her being at a festival, made you scared that she might just forget about you. She’ll find it odd, if she knew better you could have enjoyed her passion together. Rosé was so excited about pride, it was the best event of the year in her opinion. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts You chuckled remembering how this date turned in a hide and seek game. Jennie likes to take responsibilities as a member of the community and that’s why she was in charge of a stand. The Friday date had been a tradition since day one in your relationship with Rosé. You were grateful to have a so comprehensive girlfriend. You asked one of this self made compliment pins to the beautiful brunette in front of you. f(x) is not even in the discussion. “Lisa I need to finish this or else my boss is going to kill me.”, “Baby, I’m going to turn crazy if I stay here, please just a little break, I’m just asking for you to love me more than those papers for half an hour.”. She looked down and apologised, promising you that she’ll buy a new one tomorrow. Blackpink reaction to their s/o breakdancing on stage. You couldn’t help but grit your teeth as you witnessed how your girlfriend was dancing or rather grinding against Lisa. (Out Of Stock) ASTA TV + Style 2018.08/09 VOL.121 3D Style Magazine (Double Cover : Wanna One 43p, Park Seo Jun 30p Contents : BLACKPINK 28p) Sales: 7 USD 12.97. Especially since Jennie and you started to play around with sweet gestures and words. When in the crowd there was this feeling of being welcomed in something bigger than us that she loved to feel. Jisoo could be quite scaring when it comes to Chaeyoung. (G)I-DLE had just returned with their 3rd mini album "I trust" and title track 'Oh my god'.. You weren’t even waiting for your turn at the booth when she spotted you but she knew she had to give you a bouquet anyway, a special one. “I understand. Had some pride needs recently since it has been deleted due to COVID so yeah I guess I’ll have to live pride behind Blackpink’s pride. They arrived at the front of their building in a record time. I didn’t think about what you would see that could make you believe I was enjoying being away more than being with you.”. gidle and izone both sold around 90K copies in China in their latest cb. You being mad at her would make her cry a river, she couldn’t stand that she was the one upsetting you. There's only one problem. “Now I am, come on baby let’s go to the park.”. You knew by that behaviour that she wasn’t about to let you go with it but you refused to talk and escaped towards the living room. Not long ago, it was noted that the … So play this GIdle quiz 2020 to see which (G)I-DLE Member Are You? I love you and if you don’t want me to come see you at the dorm when the girls are here I’ll understand.”. You were about to circle her neck with your arms in order to kiss her but she caught your wrists and turned her head, keeping you from getting close to her. I thought we couldn’t adopt him because he was too young, how did you do ?”, “Well maybe I went back alone and get the shelter to let him go home sooner.”, “Well actually… you did, say hi to your son.”. Saddly you only found the card with her number written on it the day after. Group Name: RÊVERIE Group Name Meaning: RÊVE - Re(d) Ve(lvet), RÊVERIE - Daydream Concept: Teen Crush Debut Song: Neon (originally by OH MY GIRL) . Thank you for taking the time to do it, and all of them turned out great. reaction ikon to gidle latata. “So why didn’t you watched me sing until the end ?”. “I’ll give you one for free if you help me clean up the stand, deal ?”. Yeri wouldn’t even choose one of you she’ll probably get rid of the two. She was dancing in the middle of the crowd when you bumped into her. So when you sat next to her, she couldn’t stop herself from staring at you. It’s only when you finally turned your head and smiled at her that she tried to stood up properly. She sighed, after all she wasn’t angry at you, she just needed you to be concentrate on her. “It’s the puppy we saw at the shelter last month ?! But Lisa couldn’t take more she needed attention and distraction. Lisa looked shocked while Jennie was laughing her ass off. She’ll be on her toes everytime you would attemps an acrobatic. You were in your shared living room watching her performance from the night before. “Yes.. I’m sorry, it’s just that we didn’t see each other since you left and we barely talked so watching you being touchy with another woman even though it’s Lisa made my blood boil. Discover (and save!) If she saw that it was something that was really bothering you she could even do some aigyo. At first she wouldn’t understand why it bothers you that much but anyway if it bothered you it was important for her. GIdle Quiz 2020 – Which (G)I-DLE Member Are You? They are under Cube Entertainment and their fandom called Neverland. “You ate all the chicken again !” She was restraining herself from laughing, it happened every single week yet you managed to be scandalized every time. Most of the time women were on their knees for Moonbyul so when she’ll see how you wouldn’t even acknowledge Moonbyul’s pick up lines she’ll be pleased and reassured. The fact that the amount of face time calls she made or answered was decreasing a little more every day didn’t help. GIDLE.YUQI | 'Yuqi, Lucas said he wants to give you flowers.' Lisa pout, claiming that Jennie had to join her on the merry-go-round in order to be forgiven. Send the number(s) and the name of the idol you want (with some details if you want specificities but know that I already have the main idea for each prompt) . Luckily when you arrived most people were already heading to gay bars nearby so you didn’t have to wait for your turn. Miyeon seorang kidal. She would cry and whine telling you she’s sorry and didn’t mean to hurt you in anyway. The frozen image of Jennie and Lisa’s sensual dance made Jennie understand everything right away. She was so happy and excited about it, she will finally wake up with you everyday seeing your beautiful face. They made their debut on August 8th, 2016 with their first single album SQUARE ONE and held their debut stage with the tracks BOOMBAYAH and Whistle on August 14th’s episode of SBS Inkigayo. They had kicked start their promotion with the new album and also interacted with their fans through various platforms and contents. Jennie would cheer so loud, screaming her lunges out, her applauses echoing louder then any others in the concert hall. But once you realised, you stood up rapidly pushing the person away. You followed Chaeng, wondering what you were going to do and hoping it wouldn’t be too far from the car, wanting to keep an eye on your present. Lihat Fakta Lainnya dari Miyeon You thought she was just acting silly as always but now that you saw how angry she was, you understand that all this time she must have felt neglected. Here it is, hope you’ll like it. with 2,190 reads. Shop exclusive merch and apparel from the BLACKPINK Official Shop. Joy would be upset, not mad but seeing you and Yerin (Gfriend) jokingly flirting with each other would make her sulk. You and only you. You didn’t have the time to disagree that she turn on the tv, on the big screen was the exact moment which made you angry. When Nayeon (Twice) would get you to mess with Yeri you wouldn’t expect it to mean put your life in line too. Rosie at pride meant confident Rosie, pride had that effect on her, nothing seemed impossible with a bunch of gays. ເມື່ອໃດ ຈີຊູ ຊິໄດ້ຮ້ອງທ່ອນນີ້ " BLACKPINK in your area " #SaveJisoo #Jisoo #BLACKPINK #BLINK #FanboyLaos #BLINKLaos The stars glowing in Chaeyoung’s eyes were priceless, her eyes telling you you did the right thing when you decide not to ask for her permission. After few reassuring look coming from you she’ll understand you were just trying to befriend her friend. The more intriguing question is why? You wake up as someone hug you from behind, at first you were about to go back to sleep without even questioning it. Lisa took a last breath before turning towards her girl with a huge smile plastered on her face. Lisa was sooo excited, it was barely supportable. -Angelababy. Jennie had her eyes closed she seemed exhausted and you were there about to complain. Jennie and the girls looked at you with guilt in their eyes, they knew Lisa was becoming more and more jealous this days because of how close you were. That’s mostly why when you enter the bar she was in, she first thought you were an angel. 2. You try to brush your thoughts away, focusing on the road as Rosé gave you indications on where to go since she was the one playing the date of this afternoon. Every year she had that special bouquet of flowers prepared for the one who would make her prouder to be gay and this year it was you. “Can I have your number before you return to heaven beautiful ?”. If it was again one of your usual scold on something that doesn’t matter, she would become a baby. I made it a little less cute and rather mature, hope it isn’t a problem -Ael. Blinks, the wait is almost up. She’ll wait for you to notice her state and would be expecting apologies, you might even have to make up for it with actions get ready to be broke. She would question her ability at being a good girlfriend. She offered you a drink and you talked all night long until you had to go back. “Did you guess what we are going to do ?”, “Are we going to play soccer like last time ?”. Hey, just so everybody knows and if anybody is wondering, I do write member x member scenarios. Depending on the situation Jennie would have very opposite reactions. She pouted. Rosé excitingly swayed the wood basket she was caring, its presence making way more sens now that you knew what you were doing today. Dalgom and her would be laying on the bed smiling brightly at you. -Ael. High quality Lisa Blackpink gifts and merchandise. The three girls laughed at your antics and came hug you. 56 弹幕 b站400万播放的Jennie红玫瑰,台下爱豆reaction会怎样?blackpink. Jen was playing with Irene’s nerves and you were just a collateral damage. The four kids invited from America are supposed to be boys. You turned off the TV too upset to watch the end of it. Read BLACKPINK Reaction from the story || Soloist. Rosé was shocked, she started to stutter pointing at the little dog than at you, you rose your hands in surrounder. Twice’ organizing concept is “Cute”. Jennie screamed as the fast speed make her believe she would fall, she hugged Lisa from behind to make sure she wouldn’t. She was adimiring your skills even slightly wanting you to teach her some moves someday. . “Don’t worry I’ll cook diner but I think you forgot something.. Where are my hugs ?”. Actually I am the one who is sorry, I let you believe I wasn’t thinking about you. She prepared a real feast for your picnic, she must have been on it for days. Don’t ever scold her if it’s not something important, she can not take it. She followed you taking her place next to you in the couch. You went to the car to get a plaid blanket to be able wanting to sit on the grass, you got Rosé’s gift on the way hiding it in the basket before going back to your girlfriend. r/GIDLE: Dedicated to the girl group, (G)I-DLE. If you already noticed, (G)I-DLE is the youngest group appearing on the show since they only debuted back in 2018. ️ ️ Can I request a (G) I-DLE reaction where a male idol has stated that the 7th member is their crush, and at an award show the male idol goes up to her during the show. She’ll wonder how you succeed hiding it from her for that long, when she was literally joking around with breakdance’s moves all the time. Jennie felt guilty for Lisa’s state maybe she should have gave her more attention. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. It’s her or us.”. What you didn’t expect was to see your girlfriend against the door frame. Jul 3, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Aleksandra. Seulgi wouldn’t be mad at Moonbyul (Mamamoo) for flirting with you, she knew how greasy she was with everyone. She wouldn’t know if Sejeong meant to flirt with you but she’ll be hurt anyway. 2018-07-27 It wasn’t Jisoo’s first gay pride but as usual she accepted too many drinks from too many cute girls and was now a little drunk. Rosie didn’t questioned your excuse, letting you sit close to her, holding your hand. Rosé just entered the kitchen but back away immediately seeing you were now sitting on the counter, Lisa between your legs still kissing you. Luckily Rosie stopped her path not too long after, turning her head towards you. . “Honey I don’t think it’s a good idea that’s for children.”, “Jennie baby are you saying I’m going to break it because I’m too fat ?”. We’re going to picnic !”. You being in the public of Good Girl and your girlfriend showing up as a contestant when she didn’t tell you she would be, Walking on your girlfriend and mom talking about you, Bumping into the football captain and his girlfriend, “You know, there was a time when I would have died for you.”, “Maybe I just have a really bad taste in men.”, “I’m not letting them get away with this.”. “If you let me fall I’m breaking up with you.”. Stop cheating on us Y/N, we can’t take it anymore ! She was at Coachella with her members, three gorgeous women, meeting other famous and beautiful women like Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande. She let you go and went to the kitchen. 25.3m Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ‘blackpink’ hashtag Now she was more teasing than complaining. You looked at the girls already annoyed by this situation. Lisa was very well aware about how some LGBTQ+ people weren’t in good enough situation to come out and freely express their sexuality. “You have the right to feel jealous, I just didn’t expect you’ll be jealous of the girls.”, “I didn’t thought I could be but you spend so much time with them that I started thinking that maybe you could fall for them like you fall for me.”. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Hope you like the idea, don’t hesitate to request ❤ -Ael. Shop Blackpink Hoodies and Sweatshirts designed and sold by artists for men, women, and everyone. Laughing when you’ll snap at those who thought you wouldn’t make it without failing a figure. Your grilfriend was laughing at the threats of her members but you were actually kind of scared of what they might do to you if they think you weren’t the best for Chaeyoung. Lisa chuckled at her girlfriend’s threat and took her hand to help her get on the playground equipment. She loved the happy feelings, the colorful outfits and makeup; and obviously the good music that were surrounding the event. “Queendom” brought to us some of the most amazing moments K-pop has ever seen, including the revival and image renewal of girl group AOA, as well as raising the recognition level on groups such as OH MY GIRL and (G)I-DLE. Once it was finished, you asked for your reward playfully but when Jennie gave you the pins before leaving, you stood there shocked. She couldn’t wait to experiment with you all the regulars things she was doing alone until now. Cuddles in the sofa would be needed for her to stop crying. So let’s write them shall we ? If you have watched yesterday’s stage you should know, so I guess you didn’t..”. And that’s why she created a flower booth where people could buy their representative flag in flowers, she was then giving all the money to LGBTQ+ associations. You're Y/n L/n, a girl from the United States. They walked hand in hand until the little park nearby. She would most likely try to make you forgive her, telling you she’s really sorry for making you feel that way and asking you if a movie night would make you forget about it. Also, Jennie was insanely beautiful this day as well. The scolding time would become a comfort session. You knew that Jennie was working rather than enjoying herself being far away from you but you couldn’t help yourself from getting jealous. She spent the rest of your date playing with Hank and you could see how they were meant to be together when you saw the same expressions on both of their faces. Eventually later she would feel bad because you were right, in that case she would land frowning and almost crying in your arms. You watched how Lisa was murdering the onions with a knife, she was upset and you knew it was your fault. She would be her sassy self and make you feel how much she doesn’t care at all. “Hi, Babe.” Rosé entered the car kissing your cheek on the way. your own Pins on Pinterest Anyway, hope you like it. She started to pout as soon as you call her full name from the kitchen, she knew what was up. “Come on Lisaya you know I’m joking you’re literally as large as a stick.”. gidle, wannaone, soloist. But you .. But if you scolded her about her actions or attitude though, she would be pissed.
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