High School Rapper Regional Competition Part.2, Koreaboo: The 10 Year Journey from Jessica H.O to Lucky J's Jessi, Mwave: (Interview)′Unpretty Rapstar′ Jessi Spills on Why She Left Korea, Struggling with Korean Culture and More, Allkpop: PSY Officially Announces The Establishment Of His Company P Nation, Soompi: Jessi confirmed to make first comeback since signing with P-NATION, Soompi: Lee Hyori, MAMAMOO’s Hwasa, Jessi, And Uhm Jung Hwa Confirm Plans To Hold 1st Meeting For New Girl Group Project, Soompi: Yoo Jae Suk Interviews Kwanghee And Kim Jong Min For Manager + Refund Expedition Picks Stage Names, Soompi: Korean Celebrities Who Revealed Their MBTI, https://kpop.fandom.com/wiki/Jessi?oldid=243759, Avatar Darko - "Super Duper Freak" (2018), "Cinderella and Four Knights OST Part.4 (2016). She made her solo debut on December 1, 2005 with the single album "Get Up", under the name Jessica H.O. – In 2018 Jessi starred on the show “Yo! https://www.instagram.com/p/BtAuR4jBcqV/, @disqus_j9lqGyKz0Z:disqus Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! is one of the protagonists in Youtuber Murder Mystery. Birth name Height: 167 cm (5’6’’) Stunning Supreme!. Jesse first met Walter White in his junior year when Walter was his chemistry teacher. Jessie (jes-ee) is a feminine name that is used in the English and Scottish languages. The design also references popular cartoon Lady Lovely Locks design of a cursed dog who only appears as a dog to the person he loves but is actually a handsome prince. Jessi is a 5★ Tap Note Vocal Star. – She has tattoos on her left ear, left scapula and her eyebrow 47 kg (104 lb) Plus, Aunt Cecelia is a drill sergeant. Jessie lived with her mother who appeared to be involved in a few crimes. Profile photo for Refund Sisters Jessi Smiles portrayedJoan of ArcinMiley Cyrus vs Joan of Arc, and she also made a cameo appearance as her through reused footage in Lewis and Clark vs Bill and Ted. Associations – She appeared as a guest in various popular variety shows, like “Running Man” and “Happy Together” – In October 2020 she debuted as a member of the project girl group Refund Sisters / Refund Expedition. Birthday: December 17, 1988 Jessie was originally a Scottish diminutive of the name Jean. (Special Event). Solo debut Poll: Which Songs Released in July 2020 were your Favorites? Cruickshank was a former co-host of MTV Canada's program The After Show and its various incarnations including The Hills: The After Show and The City: Live After Show with co-host Dan Levy. Kpop Discographies List of K-Pop Groups' Fandom Names Song Hyun Aug 3, 2020 Updated : Aug 10, 2020 9,966 Views K-Pop groups have their own fandom and all the fandom names are different. Jessie appeared to be more responsible than her mother and decided to go to her dream school, Northwestern. Poll: What was your favorite 2020 MAMA performance? On December 1, 2005, she made her solo debut with the single album "Get Up" and performed the title song, "Get Up", on the TV program Music Bank.[1]. Couple Name Generator combines two people's names into a unique supercouple nickname. By continuing to browse this website, you declare to accept the use of cookies. Do you know more facts about her? Kpop – Who wore it better? Variants: Jess, Jessy, Jessi, Jessye, Jessa, Jessalyn, Jessalynn, Jesalyn, Jesalynn Her Super builds a dog-like turret, Scrappy, with moderate health and damage. P NATION Profile: History, Artists and Facts, Refund Sisters / Refund Expedition Members Profile. [3] Her first release under the agency was the single "Who Dat B" on September 23, 2019.[4]. Kpop Group of the Week (4th Week of December 2020), Quiz: Can You Guess The 2020 Comeback? – J.Y. HuniePotDev has stated on his Twitter that Jessie's name derived from \"An alteration of the name for the first ever prototype girl, Jessica (Who eventually became Tiffany).\" 2. Slaughter created a variety of videos uploaded to YouTube using her webcam. Jessi (제시), born Ho Hyun-ju (호현주) is a South Korean rapper and singer who debuted under Doremi in 2005. She has two younger siblings: a sister named Rebecca (Becca for short) and a baby brother named John Philip Ramsey Jr., affectionately known as "Squirt". In 2016, Jessi was a member of the first season of the variety show Sister's Slam Dunk and its group Unnies. Jessi (jes-ee) is a feminine name that is used in the English language. Jessi Profile and Facts this clearly hasnt really been updated, especially since, when you compare it to other soloist profiles, its lacking so much… 164.8 cm (5 ft 4.9 in) On the June 20 episode of Hangout with Yoo, Lee Hyori revealed she wanted to form her dream girl group consisting of herself, Uhm Jung Hwa, Hwa Sa, and Jessi. (2020). Variants: Jess, Jessa, Jessy, Jessye, Jessie, Jessalyn, Jessalynn, Jesalyn, Jesalynn Jessi is a variant of the name Jessie. In response to the change in Jessie and other character's breast sizes, HuniePot Dev has stated on his Twitter that \"Note: Technically Jessie's breast size hasn’t really changed. Pretty Cure! On November 1, 2019, she released the single "Drip" which featured Jay Park. ー・マキ - Jeshii Maki) NAME INTERPRETATION: Jessi - A shorthand of the name "Jessica", which has possible Hebrew origins. Jessi is one of the protagonists in Youtuber Murder Mystery. Group debut They featured a use of profanity and threats of violence. She is a former member of the hip-hop groups Uptown and Lucky J, and project girl groups Unnies and Refund Sisters, the latter under the stage name Eun Bi. If you use info from our profile, please kindly put a link to this post. Variants: Jess, Jessa, Jessy, Jessye, Jessi, Jessalyn, Jessalynn, Jesalyn, Jesalynn – Jessi went to the same school as Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany and Jessica Poll: Who owned Red Velvet’s “Russian Roulette” era? I know this will work! Which is your favorite song in UP10TION’s The Moment of Illusion album? – She appeared as a mentor in several episodes of “Unpretty Rapstar 2” (2015) – She moved to South Korea when she was 15 Weight: 47 kg (104 lbs) Jessica H.O / Jessica H.o. She is a former member of the hip-hop groups Uptown and Lucky J, and project girl groups Unnies and Refund Sisters, the latter under the stage name Eun Bi . Agency She then took a break from music and returned to the United States.[2]. At some point in his early life, Jesse created the band \"TwaüghtHammër\" with his friends, serving as the drummer.Jesse attended J. P. Wynne High School and was a poor student, largely due to his inattentiveness and apathy. ー Kaisoka JeshÄ«) is the second Pretty Cure in Breathing! Jessie (jes-ee) is a masculine and feminine name. Jessi's Dog is the unnamed pet dog of Jessi Glaser. She bragged in them about her popularity, her attractiveness, and her intelligence. On July 17, 2014, after a five year hiatus, Jessi debuted as a part of the hip-hop trio Lucky J, under YMC Entertainment. Jessi (제시) is a Korean rapper and singer under P NATION. Kpop Ships Currently, it is used as a diminutive of names such as Jessica. May 25, 2006 (Uptown)July 17, 2014 (Lucky J)July 1, 2016 (Unnies)October 10, 2020 (Refund Sisters) – She is Christian Today is the 24th of December of 2020 and there are currently 99,151 edits to JESSIE wiki. MAJOR UPDATE: Jessi Maki has been completely remade in both appearance and name. Where Kyle is 781227, Jessi is 781228. Her dreaded Aunt Cecelia is moving in to take care of Jessi and her brother and sister. It has excellent utility, whether it's attacking, distracting, or defending. Birth Name: Ho Hyun Joo (호현주) / Jessica Ho As a masculine name, Jessie is a variant of the name Jesse. Park revealed Jessi’s featuring in “Who’s Your Mama?” was Suzy‘s idea 🙂, @idamandaq:disqus Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! A Country Star Is Born (1970) Too Many Rivers Cry Softly I Ain't The One It's Not Easy He Called Me Baby Why You Been Gone So Long If She's Where You Like Livin' Healing Hands Of Time That's The Chance I'll Have To Take Don't Let Him Go It's All Over Now I'm Jessi Colter (1975) Is There Any Way (You'd Stay Forever) I Hear a Song Come on In You Ain't Never Been Loved (Like I'm Gonna Love … The project group released their first single on July 1, 2016. Fandom – Jessi is close to Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany and to Ailee How humiliating — Jessi's going to have a baby-sitter! P Nation (2019–present)YMC Entertainment (2014–2019)Doremi Media (2005–2009) 🙂, Her fan name is jebbie she has said it on instagram. A girl from the human world and the princess from the Color Castle become closes partners, and she worked with her to deal with the Black Curse Demon King. Sitemap – Jessi’s pet Chewie has their own instagram account: @softandchewie. She was born in New York, raised in New Jersey, and moved to South Korea at the age of 15. Kpop Quizzes 🙂, @teagan_freeman:disqus Thank you for the heads up, more facts have been added! Pretty Cure! Thanks a lot! Her YouTube videoscontains videos describing her experiences in school, traveling, relationships and more. Her mother was unfaithful in her marriage (having had an affair with a local cantor) and her father has a severe dependency on drugs, particularly marijuana, which has caused Jessi to "act out" in a number of ways, including her on-again-off-again relationship with Jay Bilzerianand attempting to flee her old life to run away with him. She always joins in on their adventures and just recently she had a crush on Ferb. Disclaimer Jessi debuted as a soloist September 15, 2015 under YMC Entertainment. Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Jessica Ho (제시카 호) Career Jessi (jes-ee) is a feminine name. Jessi is one of the protagonists in Youtuber Murder Mystery. Female humanoid, once elected as the most beautiful woman in the 4th Universe and called a'diva'. Under the group Jessi's official stage name is Eun Bi.[7]. – She originally debuted as a soloist in 2005 with the song “Get Up” and had her first comeback with the album “The Rebirth” in 2009 Height Jessi XX (Also known as Jessi Hollander and Jessi Taylor) is a fictional character from the ABC Family series Kyle XY and is portrayed by Jaimie Alexander. She bragged in them about her popularity, her attractiveness, and her intelligence. – In 2015, Jessi appeared on “Unpretty Rapstar” season 1 and won 2nd place Jesse also met Emilio Koyama in his elementary school. Birth date Jessi can't believe it. TYPE: K0-loid MODEL: KA01 GENDER Female VOICE RANGE C4~C5 approx. – Jessi is also close to Hyorin (ex member of Sistar). Jessie attended military boarding school from ages 6 to 18.When she was 18, Jessie got a sudden desire to follow her dreams and moved to New York City as she believed that the place was where dreams came true. She'd told her father that she \"had a great job\", but actually had no idea where she was going to work. A year later, in 2006, she was added in the hip-hop group Uptown, replacing their original vocalist, Yoonmirae, and their debuted on May 25 with the studio album Testimony. 1 Information on the actress 2 Appearances 2.1 Season 3: 2.2 Season 4: 3 Gallery Jessica Vazquez, more commonly known by her nickname, Jessi Smiles, was born on August 17th, 1993 in Miami, Florida. Weight Background – She loves shopping However, her fame did not last long. It is currently used as a diminutive of the name Jessica. Angry, profanity-laced online video rants are drawing widespread attention for their shocking content. She is an entertainer and … On January 24, 2019, she signed with PSY's new agency, P Nation. – Jessi’s parents are Korean immigrants On July 30, Jessi released her second mini album Nuna with "Nunu Nana" as the title track. – She is a former SM trainee but left as she felt that SM didn’t fit her style of music Kpop Group of the Week (3rd Week of December 2020). Coragaous and loves adventure. Her dad's in the Marine Corps, and she often describes him as being strict but soft. Sexuality: Edit Straight Shoesize: Edit 8 Personality: Edit Oftentimes it seems that the same qualities that makes someone a genius also causes them to be social awkward and quirky. MTV Raps”. Instagram: @jessicah_o Kpop Polls United States Jessie is a Common Brawler who is unlocked as a Trophy Road reward upon reaching 500 Trophies. She told video viewers, "'I'm happy with my life okay? Jess is a variant of the name Jessie. Her ability to change the colors of her clothes and hair was created for stages. Jessi's parents are John Philip Ramsey, Sr. and Janice Ramsey. Birth place Jessi (제시) is a Korean-American rapper and singer currently under P Nation. Personality: She is sweet and kind. 🙂, I’m sorry, but Jessi’s zodiac sign is Saggitarius not Libra 🙂, Thanks a lot for the heads up, it’s much appreciated! [6], The project group, Refund Sisters, debuted on October 10 with their first single "Don't Touch Me". – She took a 5 years break from music, and left Korea to return to America – In 2014, Jessi returned to Korea and debuted in the trio Lucky J SNS She tells Jessi when to go to bed, how to wear her hair, and she even forbids her to go to a Baby-sitters Club meeting. Jessi admitted that she has peed in a pool before when she was younger. 🙂, Jessi was just a guest on Fun with Dumb (Dumbfoundead’s podcast) and revealed she’s the first artist signed under P Nation (Psy’s new label), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Gkpgvxcahw, Now she’s under P nation not YMC anymore, jessi has joined p nation 🙂, @ncttttt:disqus Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! Privacy Policy Jessi’s surname is Ho which is a rare surname in Korea. [unreliable source?] September Geburtstag und ist eine impulsive Dorfbewohnerin. Her younger sister Mandi has appeared in her YouTube videos. Jessi debuted as a soloist September 15, 2015 under YMC Entertainment. can someone please update this with more infomation, @softchangkyun:disqus Really sorry for the very late reply, and thanks a lot for the info, it’s much appreciated! Jessi (제시) is a Korean-American rapper and singer currently under P Nation. Jessi Official Fandom Name: Jebbies Jessi Official Fan Colors: Jessi Official Accounts: Instagram: @jessicah_o TikTok: @itsjessibaby Stage Name: Jessi (제시) Birth Name: Ho Hyun Joo (호현주) / Jessica Ho Birthday: […] she says this quite often. [5] On July 30, it was confirmed the four would be holding their first meeting to discuss on the project. Walter, whom Je… Contact Us, softchangkyunn, Jay Tolentino, Keke, Idamandaq, ncttttt, Kim collin, Qi Xiayun, turtle_powers, ɴɪᴋɪᴛᴀ, KittyDarlin, jieunsdior. Her mother failed to be on time to take her to her Northwestern interview, but Jessie got accepted on her own. She is currently signed with the professional wrestling promotion WWE, performing on the NXT brand under the ring name Jessi Kamea. December 1, 2005
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