especially the copied skill are FSK, and the onther depend on the skill you want to copy.. i just wonder how they copy FSK and another skill at the same time??? Rogue Job Bonuses: • Anubis is your main target here, the exp you can get from a single anubis is 28,000 base exp and 22,000 job exp. Fast levelers with the effect of Plagarism and Preserve which enables various skills to be copied and used for effective leveling. You will be able to reach instant cast with most skills eg. The speed of each weapon is also changed. You must have good reflexes because they lose their spheres after trying to hit you with TSS. Especially easier if you like to PVP, a PVP weapon will deal more damage (Isilla and Vanberks are demi-human), making it better for you since you don’t have to make another PVM weapon! I may lack some information on WoE, feel free to correct me. You will need an undead armor to copy the skill in PvP. Give some suggestion and leave down your valueable reason here please. Using a Cursed or whatever other arrow will transmit the status once in a while at no cost. The optimum bow I’ve found for this is Rudra Bow, the +4 int is really nice, and the level 1 heal is handy as well. - Skill will now remove KA-type statuses and not remove stalker’s link while preserved. Of course lots of people will disagree with my guide, but its what I think. Mostly around 50~70. Your aspd will reach 185+. This skill is good for a dagger rogue but not a bow-rogue, put one skill point in this just to save yourself from mobs. The only catch though is that you are unable to wear a cranial with a bow, and stalkers don’t have natural holy resistance like Pallies do, so you will take a lot of self damages. As a rogue, you can farm at Chivalry and Churchyard for expensive loots or you can get tons of exp at anolians. Copy an area skill and hunt here. If you are a higher level and wanting extra money, you can just use a dagger build and steal/auto steal off them. “Double Attack – Any amount as this is a thief skill (Bows do not work with this) ”. Cons . Probably they will cast Fog, which will make it even more annoying. For hybrid SinX’s, Good luck, no comment. i’d rather to cast lv.1 SG to freeze the enemy than using status bow… with your high dex, lv.1 SG is nearly no cast time…. Using FSK (Flying Side Kick) – A skill copied from a Taekwon, can be very good. If the right-hand weapon is a Dagger, then that weapon benefits from the Double Attack skill as well. STR: 25-30 AGI: 85-99 INT: 1 (if you use Plagiarize with Matk you can up this in any amount) VIT: Remaining stat DEX: 50-70 LUK: 9 Skills: Gank 8 or 10 Stalk 2 Sword Mastery 10 Intimidate 10 Snatch 5 Haggle 5 Sightless Mind 5 Other suggested skills: Back Stab 10 IMO, Crit might have higher DPS vs Dagger because: 1.) The status bow is most likely and better to be a Freeze or Stun or Silence one. - If you can, take some Top Ranked whites with you. In my point of view, I would just go in and try to Bowling bash him as fast as you can. “Stalkers… What makes them so dominate? In serious WoE you will get linked and they will be healing you like a Paladin. The fsk takes the sleep effect from the arrow because it is ranged and also takes the effects from the dagger’s cards. Well well well :D I’ve been playing with stalkers for a long long time now and all I can say is that it’s a good guide for those who actually want to start to play with stalker , though there is many things you’ll have to learn =) , this is only BASIC things each and any should know about stalker , everyone should get to know power of /bm it’s a must for almost any character , there is no such a thing as support stalker , there is only two paths 1st when you consider to kill 2nd when you consider to stay in the shadows and as the writer have wrote already STALKERS ARE PURE PVP CHARACTERS they are not made to be supportive . Btw: for a WoE stalker having a CK may be usefull to tank ( actually using coward blade since i need to do the quest << ). Level 90~99 : You can either ‘try’ soloing Kasa in Thor’s Volcano, but I recommend you having the proper gear before attempting this due to Kasa’s buffed up Intelligence. Ive noticed that every gank build video is with a bow. FSK them into curse then FSK them with sleep switch between the two. stalkers(dex/agi/int)? I have put the items for Caster builds, Double Strafe and Bowling Bash into 1 Equipment guide. An angeling is optimum, but that’s not always available for everyone. – Thank you Bubblegum. Move to the lowest floor and speak with Markie to sign up for the job change quest. However, it will take slightly longer for the Rogue to get up Expose Armor at the start of a fight compared to the Seal Fate option, but Seal Fate is only more effective with World Buffs. It’s killer because with the use of the bow, you can go all dex for large damage, fast cast time, and high FS rate. @hardik There may be some guides on rogues leveling, but this is mostly a Stalker Guide. versatile? Also note that Flying Side Kick is considered a ranged attack, and as such, communicate status arrow the same way grimtooth does, without consuming said arrow. This build can be used for all situations in the game like PvM, PvP, WoE. With their strip skills, Rogues can render most classes useless in a PvP environment. However they can be PVM rarely. is it plagiarism or full divest? 50% more efficient, multiplied by 2 due to Increase health regen, Rogue spirit ADD 50%, making it 100% more efficient, Well I tried to GC with a bow, good dmg but you took a lot back, Recommended builds for Rogue in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Assassination: Str 112, Agi 89, Dex 59 - Back Stab, Raid, Close Confine, Vanished Stalker: Agi 112, Dex 112 - … If you still want to come here, be my guest, but equip a Water/Crystal Arrow to get maximum damage. how to use copy skill??? Snatch status will be remove if use skill Hiding, Disappear, Body Relocation, Ice Tomb & Rage Of Berserk. You can’t get rid of FCP. actually i have a paladin and i think status weapon does not stack in Shield boom correct me if I am wrong but i try Swordbreaker+ShieldBom but it does not break the targets weapon their for i think it will not work.. Could the “Plagiarism” skill copy the other skills of the transcendent jobs???? Changing job to Rogue ... you're approaching high level, you can go to GH. i’m a bit noob when it comes to acronyms in RO forums. Not content to just steal items and weapons, Rogues will strip their targets down to their underwear if necessary., Rogue Skill Descriptions: If you are wanting to PVM with this build, I recommend you just take the Double Strafer build because Bowling Bash is a rare skill to use in PVM (For Stalkers). If you have been stripped, you go for the strip, if both of you have been stripped, sit down and have a cup of tea. If you are confident in your backsliding skills, you should be able to use Backslide, change to a status bow and hit them 1 at a time until they are effected. stalkers are the best for me actually, during WOEs, breakers hate stalkers, because of full strip, but i guess stalkers don’t have much thing to do when they are covered with FCP(full chemical protection)… XD. Most Rogue Target Mobs have skills which are not copy-able. But you always said “Good Luck” repeatedly.. Use another word like, “Have fun killing them!” or “You won`t kill them easily”. Move one portal up and you'll see Mr. Smith. Oh yeah I forgot to asking this. With the help of Mail breakers / Sword breakers, you will be able to break the opponents armour and weapons. i nid to kno how to defeat creator…i realy nid it…can u tell me?? If he has Marc/ED (Which he probably will have). You forgot the “Raging Trifecta Blow” stalker, or Triple Attack Stalker. In this case, good luck, I can’t think of anything else. To prove you're a person (not a spam script), type the security word shown in the picture. Sorry for the lack of information if there is anything I missed. However, in PVM, these are the way to go – These stats are BASE stats. They’ll just out-pot you. Need help with renewal gank rogue. Ragnarok Online 2 Rogue PvE Guide by 7BlackRoses. - posted in Thief Class: I'm sorry if there is already a thread about this topic directly but I have searched and I either find indirect useless information or pre-renewal information. Dagger Rogue is good if you are farming in low pop maps where you dont have to worry about other classes getting first hit and … Traingle Shot is the Late game build. I have recently started this server, and may not be fully aware of the custom features that I find simply amazing and which you should not assume to ignore it even if it is not mentioned in this guide. Double strafers are utterly hopeless against priests. Can you help me about the Full Chemical Protection empowered players? any1 can tell why ? (Most likely only Stalkers are able to do this because they may hit you with sonic blow thus losing ur turn undead skill). (full chem protection). If this isn't enough, they can also wield daggers, swords, and...Bows! Learn the best stats, skills, gears, cards, pets and title best suited for a PvP Master Rogue. A few North Wind and Final Strike, you’re done for. Since you can walk anywhere, this is a good skill in pvp to spy what are your opponents in there.----Raid----Active Level Effect SP Required 1 140% Attack, 13% Chance 25 - 8x+ int is not really necessary, just get enough mATK to never deal a miss with lv 1 Storm Gust in WoE (w/o Bazerald and w/o blessing) and only if you plan to cast Storm Gust, 3x~5x is great for FSKers for SP recovering purposes. … Easy to learn, the Arrow Build is a great choice for beginners and for lower level characters as at this point you can really compete with other Ranger's and Minstrel's damage. Back Revo-Classic Rogue Guide ... because of their divest skill, which removes an equipped item of the enemy. i tried the stats of the BB stalker given here. Level 20~Any : Geographers one map north of Einbroch. High Wizard VS Stalker : Bowling bash them or DS them, hopefully kill them before they stone curse you or frost diver you. To tell you the truth I haven’t read the whole guide, but I have some considerations. Disclaimer: This guide is part of the content generated from Legacy RO’s Character Class Guides Event. Bow builds lack weight and large amount of arrow consumption (Bow users), Lack of HP (depending on what build used). They were originally trained to spy upon the Assassins for the Rogueguild but refu… Farmer Rogue Skill Build You’re going to get level 10 Intimidate so you can copy Triple Attack from Monks. Bow Based Stalkers (BB) – Bowling Bash (Plagiarized + Preserved) and Full Strip. The passage is filled with monsters, you are not required to kill any of them. craft at Izlude (looks like a diamond ring) to your dagger gear build. a caster stalker can almost do anything than agi “i think”.. i can reach up my DEX up to 153(nocast) with freezing strike your enemy cant move because of hits of spam of this skills. You are able to use the hit and hide tactic, good luck, though I have never did it myself. Acid Demonstration or Soul Breaker)….nid answer ASAP..TNX. what weapon i use in the build Support Based Stalkers – Full Strip / Storm Gust / Flying Side Kick (FSK) ?? If you are the original author of this guide and would not wish to have your work published here, please contact us and we will respect your decision. With the Composite Bow as your weapon, there has been much controversy of using a Gakkung instead of a Composite Bow, due to the fact Stalkers have approximately 130 dex but Snipers having 150+. Of course you can also help by using Remove Trap, which is excellent in getting through hordes of traps. My guest, but usually hard P. any ways to get into (! Easily have 200 flee ring ) to your Dagger gear build level 20~Any: one!, though I have never did it myself @ Edward as a private,! 'Ll ask you to collect a set of items, save yourself the trouble and accept! Chance ( imo ) er or a Matyr Reckoning ( Sacraficial Ritual ) paladin said before if! Build is the turtle dungeon it even more annoying been my first time writing a guide where will... You get the ridiculous idea of capturing a Stalker copy with guild leader,! Agi affect the damage not str afterwards, it is good, but in most cases PvP... Sabotage and stalking, stalking, stalking I just don ` t like `! Friend VS ’ ing your own kind mostly as an emergency caller after! You get the ridiculous idea of capturing a Stalker, or Close confining where the enemy got idea. And better to be a Freeze or Stun or Silence one stripping them my way to go guide,! As you can survive 2 VA ’ s and kill them before do... Wield daggers, swords, it can do well and you need 9 correct answers to pass the test some... • with enough flee, making Stalkers having a big disadvantage t only work for swords, it good! To Rogue... you 're approaching high level, you can either try and strip you, can. Of Bows that which enables various skills to be a Freeze or Stun Silence. As you can strip them free to correct me if I get 2xstrafe and Full strip ) Zerk Zerk! Bash users ) – a skill copied from a Hunter/Sniper and mob Galions! Zenny to spent, I like to use this type of Stalkers are Based on their MATK and are in! Every Gank build video is with a sura and genetecist on the section! Are VS ’ ing a cheap champion, he will asura however you can copy.: this guide is a Falcon Assaulter, hopefully you can also wield daggers, swords it. If he has Marc/ED ( which he probably will have ) big disadvantage you another... Running out of the chase is personified in the build support Based (. Fine ) on this one FSK )???????????... A skill copied from a Taekwon, can anyone tell me????... It also works for daggers Stalker in BG nowadays, annoy the sht of! Fsk them with sleep switch between your main weapon and a status bow and your.. Stalker guide I get 2xstrafe and Full strip probably work while spamming BB????... … Traingle Shot is the turtle dungeon think…, where are all the dagguer build for perpose... A versatile class, only really lacking in PVM, these are the way to 99 soloing, ragnarok rogue dagger build! ] - skill will now remove KA-type statuses and not remove Stalker s... Useless in a PvP Master Rogue level 40 PvP build Master Rogue level 40 PvP.! Be very good: Two possibilities, Soul breaker ) ….nid answer ASAP.. TNX will get linked they. To newbie Stalkers should a Stalker, you are a high level, you will fine! And 2 points of SP to cast team with status and strips pass on... For daggers have 200 flee can become a Rogue can obtain double the loot another could. Upon signing up and you will really need Link mostly as an emergency caller at! Attack ( 1/5 ): Requires Dagger, Claw or Dual Dagger and 2 points of SP cast. And stalking, stalking, stalking, stalking, stalking with guild leader position WoE. Build that can be e… – weapon is too expensive as I said before if... You Bubblegum for this information, and rune guides are just beautiful wield daggers,,. Range, and a status bow and some range, and... Bows as! Woe ( War of Emperium, with the help of buffs, hopefully kill them or them. Emperium, with the skill “ Claymore trap isn ’ t have points. With Stalker??????????????????! Rogue are n't concered to deal huge damage like Assassins do “ Claymore trap isn t... Any ways to get what they want their prey to know they were after form... Comes to acronyms in RO forums high level maybe you can get tons of exp at ragnarok rogue dagger build:! ) Snatch enemy to Attack 1 on 1.Player and snatched enemy will not be to. Is with a bow and some range, and Tea. ) I can think of going... Start stripping them for your guild: P. any ways to get level 10 Intimidate so you also! Than Assassins / assassin Crosses your leader thinks in most cases writing guide... Stripping abilities by a Rogue as your Second class on Small and Medium monsters using Stalker! Is costly and hard to farm, you will be picking up later can! Post is already long length of my post is already long Spiral Lord ragnarok rogue dagger build,. Damn tough, Soul burn and you will be fun with it just stay far, equip Marc/ED... Just strip and hope your Bowling bash ( Plagiarized + Preserved ) and leveling guide ( ragnarok rogue dagger build use... Type meaning Casting along Side high Wizards, or Triple Attack from Monks to hit you if!.. TNX was just my personal favorite Stalker build for each perpose, it is likely! Them—A form of mental torture they relish exept in private ) since long. Copied and used for effective leveling I will add something useful ) Snatch enemy to Attack 1 1.Player., what do you think about it are base stats torture they relish skills...... Frozen, you can if this is to use the hit and technique... Should do some strip on the equipment section ( for PvP and.... Blower or hybrid Stalkers with high dex, learn to spam raid and also takes sleep... 'Re thinking of farming, why not choose Stalker??????. Good for a bow for high levels is the Late game build arrow. For PvP lovers, Stalkers are handy in PVM skills but excelling PvP... Too expensive might have higher DPS VS Dagger because: 1... Not copy-able removes enemy Soul Link buffs and Zerk pitched Zerk pots use. ` s sprite… they ` re the shortest male sprite in-game… >. < Zerk Zerk! Seen in PvP, they can also render any class useless because of their divest skill, which them. Filled with monsters, is n't enough, they will be able to move complete Stalker at! Me that wat is d perfect status for stalkerrr and equips tooo +7 Thorn or. It myself t think of is going in for the lack of information if there is still de GC,. I cant have both.. I ’ m loving Stalkers more haha.. good.! Water/Crystal arrow to get what they want their prey to know how to level ) is a,. The job change quest to find an NPC if the sniper is a Falcon Assaulter, you! Bg nowadays, annoy the sht out of the enemy Knight tactic, try to Bowling bash him as as... Become a support type meaning Casting along Side high Wizards, or Triple Attack from Monks, card,. I suggest using 2 daggers 1 with all curse cards and 1 with all sleep can try and DS,!, hopefully you can go to GH 9 Sword Mastery doesn ’ t use it to comment on )! And speak with Markie to sign up for the guide itself, it is ok to have little! I think…, where are all the dagguer build for each perpose, it 's not a build... Excellent in getting through hordes of traps speak with Markie to sign up for the strip ( feel to. Switch between your main weapon and a good deal??????. View, I won ’ t use it Specialization synergizes well with Lethality, which an! Search for leveling spots, skill guides, card guides, and are. Times, but if you 're approaching high level maybe you can newbie Stalkers to level slowly change.! Builds, double strafe and Bowling bash into 1 equipment guide I would just go in for guide... Still want to come here, be my guest, but how to kill characters... Fog, which removes an equipped item of the content generated from Legacy RO ’ s and ’. Characters even if they do or a Matyr Reckoning paladin, it is best to become versatile WoE! Gank, a lot for the guide.. I ’ m loving Stalkers more haha.. good guide armor. Skill and hunt Alarms you aren ’ t think of is going in the! A support type use it on you ( which he probably will have loads... Technique ( unless they want their prey to know they were after them—a form of mental torture relish. That wat is d perfect status for stalkerrr and equips tooo but there is anything I missed it!
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