Joe was a great instructor for our CCW class. Fully adjustable tritium dot rear sight fits LPA TRT cut, beveled blade w/serrations $124.95. I called and ask the gunsmith he said with the bolt I wanted the part would not work and he forgot to send it with the gun. I have also sold consignment through them and had FFL shipping through them. The called to check the details and called right away to let me know it was done. If you own a Saiga the AK sights will fit your rifle except for the 308. More Details Buy. Fits Russian, Chinese, Romanian, Yugoslavian, et cetera, SKS Rifles. More knowledge than I've ever seen in one store. I like how it is as thin as a traditional AK sight. SKS Newbie; Posts: 16; Re: '54 Tula SKS front sight windage issues « Reply #2 on: March 16, 2017, 11:17:35 AM » Ha! NO PAPER WORK REQUIRED - WILL SHIP DIRECT TO YOUR DOOR CALL TO PURCHASE:248*547*5658 Buy It Now. They. Price $119.95. If anyone knows if all SKS sights are interchangable, please let me know. I was looking around the Tapco Web Site a while back and came upon a windage adjustable rear SKS sight. 1,267 Posts #2 • Mar 11, 2010. $65.95. SKS REAR SIGHT: The SKS used an adjustable elevation type of rear sight that is graduated out to 1000 meters. I plan on taking their advanced class at some point awell. Give them a try for a new gun purchase or gunsmithing services. Highly recommended. Can't wait to return. Great local shop that does great work. They evaluated and appraised a large batch of firearms for me. WILLIAMS GUN SIGHT SKS FIRESIGHT SET. This sight features drift-adjustable windage and post-adjustable elevation adjustments just like my other sights, and uses a steel-armored 0.060" brass post. As a first time buyer, I appreciated that he walked me through features, mechanics, process, and safety. Buy It Now. Complete Front & Rear sight Older Remington 700, 740, 742, 760 blade long screws $ 75. Nice people. For example, I usually install sights myself, but sometimes I don't have the right sight pusher and/or my standard. A Federal Express truck is speeding its way to my house as we speak, carrying an East … Tnic. 2.9 (17) AR-15 Flip-Up MBUS Gen 2 Tactical Rear Sight Black AR-15 MBUS GEN 2 TACTICAL REAR SIGHT . It was super informative for someone with limited experience using guns and Joe is super patient with newer gun owners and learners. Uses incremental windage adjustment with rugged detent locking. a sale. Couldn’t be happier with the quality. This is a feature found on the earlier … SKS REAR SIGHT WITH BASE AND GAS TUBE RELEASE LEVER. If I could give 6 stars I would, these guys get it. mounting screws. gunsmithing tools & limited gunsmithing ability fail to get the job done, so I turn to them to fix problems I often create by not having taken a gun to them in the first place. MAGPUL. Time Left 15 min rule. $ 52 USD . Very professional and knowledgeable team! These resilient carbines have gone through remodels which can make repairing them challenging. they did mail the part back. Any help appreciated.Thanks in advance. There's a small inventory in the store but they have access to ordering in a lot more.I. Moveable pins were used on some and others just used solid round pins. If I decide to stay in AKs, I would like to outfit mine with these sights. No alteration or modification to your rifle is required, with the obvious exception of removal of the stock sight. I got it back first thing I noticed was it was missing 1 of three screws. KVAR sells RPK rear sight which ARE windage adjustable and fit AKs and SKS from what I'm told. Share. For the VZ 58 rifle, our sight is available in original Mojo rear sight only. Love this place. Ready to install your gun, easy install. I had a rifle that I wanted glass and pillar bed and needed. Always friendly and quick with work. Great knowledge and I feel great about my gun and items I bought! Tactical Green Fiber-Optic Adjustable Sight. My father describes how to remove the rear sight from our sks. More Details : SKS TRIGGER GROUP. They have a nice collection of collectible firearms! In most cases, they are simply working too hard at it. Compare. I have a Yugo M70ab2 and don't like the sights. The owner said he would make it right and compensate me somehow. I took it back and the gunsmith admitted it was off and was going to put a bigger pillar in to offset the hole so it would line up. SKS Windage Adjustable Rear Sight Chinese Russian Romanian Like New. The Gen 1 & Gen 3 are clamp on and can be used on either the tapered section of the SKS barrel or the straight 14mm section. Joe and Larry are professional and easy with whom to deal. browsing the guns in the store! This is a complete sight. Available in original Mojo rear sight only (AKM) or the MicroClick™ (AKMC). They took a quick look and figured out the issue with in a minute or two and fixed immediately for no charge. Great customer service....Had an issue with my ar-15 and took it in for repairs. The gunsmith (I think you said your name was Nate? Amazing educational classes—focused on safety and very informative! Ill be back to return the favor with. 4.4 out of 5 stars 72. Sold individually. For the SKS rifles, our sight is available in original Mojo rear sight only. Description: SKS WINDAGE ADJUSTABLE REAR SIGHT - New, glass filled zytel, USA made. Every time I need their FFL sent they usually send it within hours and 24 hours max. For some reason it took me years before I could remember this correctly. Fun Gun Reviews Presents: "Sighting in the SKS / AK-47 Rifle". You have to remember all of them there complicated thoughts, like you move the front sight in the opposite direction you wish to change the windage (intended grammar errors for editorial effect and humor). That advance, coupled with our new replaceable apertures, can turn your fine military surplus arm into a match-winning competitor or trophy-bagging field gun. It has the thumbwheel on the right side to allow for windage adjustment. CREDIT CARD SAME AS CASH!!! Basically all the ladders look similar but some of them attached to the base differently. No gunsmithing required for increased accuracy and improved sight picture. These guys had it off in one minute and didn’t charge me. Kensight Target 1911 Sights "3 Tritium Bar" Night Sights … Phenomenal staff! New Old Stock Condition. FFL is not required Ask Seller a Question  Current Bid. Fact Philippine Daily Life. Please ... are you certain there are no irreuglarities with the rear sight leaf? Logged "What's the worst that could happen?" The owner was biz when I picked it up the second time so no compensation was given so I guess thats on me for not waiting around I was frustrated by the entire deal. We include 6 different interchangeable peep diopters that seal up … I got home and realized the rear screw in the action was not even threaded in the pillar was not drilled straight the hole did not line up and the gun would not even fire. Great experience for both buying andthe class! The bad I cannot and would not in good faith recommend for gunsmith work. My man had that thing off before I could even finish. modelmaster01. '54 Tula SKS front sight windage issues. Buy Now Price Was. They are great to work with. Specifically, they installed the following sights as pictured: a pair of XS Big Dots Night Sights on a Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380, XS Standard Dot Night Sights on my SIG P229 Enhanced Elite, and a pair of Ameriglo iDot Night Sights on my Performance Center Smith & Wesson M&P Shield M2.0. The steel sight frame is constructed of high strength steel and hard coat steel components. Big props to this shop! I had an incredibly stubborn barrel nut that I had been brutalizing all day without any success. Compare. Marlin Model 80 & 81 DL Rear Receiver Peep Sight Part Mount $ 40. Rollo 1911 Kensight Rear Sight Anti-Snag Blade $66.95. The concept of battle sights and a battle sight setting are two fold. Compare. I purchased a handgun through the store and Joe was great at assisting me with figuring out exactly what I wanted. Bright, red fiber-optic front and adjustable aperture rear sight makes a fast, accurate sighting combination. Extremely nice and professional staff that made my transfer a breeze. He said no charge , just give us a good write-up on Google. I learned a lot and had a great day with our instructor Joe. KENSIGHT Tritium Front Sight for SKS Type 56 Rifles. Owner and their gunsmith very very polite, professional and knowledgable. 4.5 out of 5 stars 112. The various pictures below show the rear … Proven ad targeting that gets billions of impressions worldwide. I had a transfer shipped to Velocity Works with little expectation other than the required transaction. Rear sights are screw adjustable for both windage and elevation. I have well over $1200 in parts in this gun wallowing a hole out is not good gunsmithing. Verified Member. Like I said nice guys and would recommend for sales, but not gunsmith work. . … No Reserve! Our SKS sights are fully screw-adjustable for windage and elevation. Click-adjustable for windage and elevation. Great service! The instructor was great! My girlfriend and I attended the concealed hand gun license (CHL) class at Velocity Works. SKS FIRING PIN, RUSSIAN. As such, I highly recommend Velocity Works. He was the only one working and managed the busy customer flow well. Chuck Pfeiffer The price would be fine if they did a perfect job. WordPress Design & Maintenance by jhWebWorks, LLC.. Joe assessed my issue and gave me a very fair quote. He provided a lot of. They all came out great and were wonderful upgrades to the factory sights. Graduations marked from 100M to 800M like original tangent rear sight. Mojo sights make a handsome, well integrated enhancement to your classic battle rifle. Will definitely be back in the future. Rear sight screw adjustable for windage. Ending Time. True, you can adjust the windage of the front SKS sight, easy enough. cheap-stuff-now A+(568) Seller's Other Items. 10+ In stock, delivery from Brownells USA within 7-10 days 10+ In stock, delivery from Brownells USA within 7-10 days. Anyway I stumbled across a new windage adjustable rear sight online while watching a review of the Century C39. I hope to see them grow. Starting Bid. I would defiantly recommend if you are buying a gun. This is the rear sight leaf with the backsight installed. I expected to pay at least what a block would cost if I ordered it. Walked in to have some work done on my AR-15, walked out in minutes, free of charge. I will continue to do business there. As with all rear sights, it is fully screw-adjustable for elevation and windage. it out for me and address and stamp the envelope. For the AK MicroClick™, simply turn the dial to take out your target, whether it’s at 100, 300, even 600 yards! Sorry, I'm bad with names) is fantastic! Our SKS sights are fully screw-adjustable for windage and elevation. $10.99. I had them put my Geissele rail on my rifle as well as level some scopes out for me. Simply put these guys (Joe especially) are great to deal with. In stock 10+ In stock, delivery from … people this helpful and friendly. ended up taking their Conceal Carry class as well which was great. I would strongly recommend them. Další... Produkt č.: 962445600 053506445608 962445600 $9.99 MidTen 7.62x39mm Bore Sight Red Dot Boresighters … Great to deal with. Just all around nice people offering great service. One good thing is if someone ever wants to check to make sure my muzzle brake is welded on, they will have no problem seeing that it is. 1,387 Posts #8 • Mar 20, 2010. Fits most AK-47 variants. Made my day!!! Location: Murrieta,CA,USA. SKS RECOIL ASSEMBLY, RUSSIAN. Price $24.95. They do not carry a lot of inventory but what they do have is priced right. The work was first class and will be returning with any future needs. also charged more than 2 times what everyone else charges for the same work. For the SKS rifles, our sight is available in original Mojo rear sight only. Awesome. Prices looked competitive and workers were extremely nice. Has anybody used one of these kinds of sights before? Condition: Used. Larry and the other slender gentleman were top tier help. Increases the sighting radius by 10″ over sights mounted in front of the receiver. I think their pricing is fair and the quality and workmanship is second to none. I pulled out my wallet to pay. I had him pin and weld a muzzle brake on my 14.5 upper. LUTH-AR LLC. This sight set is made of heavy-duty carbon steel that has been blued for added durability. The gunsmith there had my gun repaired and back to me the next week. Specifically designed for the AK-47, the Mojo aperture sight is a handsome, fully integrated improvement on the blade issue sights on these popular rifles. Extremely rigid and comes with a windage adjustable rear peep sight. I have been dealing with Velocity Works for a few years now and have specifically dealt with all of Velocity's staff namely Joe, Larry and Nate. 1 Bids Bid History. Secondly I noticed the glass bedding could have been cleaned up in spots some l light sanding would have went a long way, but whatever I can fix that. No alteration or modification to your rifle is required, with the obvious exception of removal of the stock sight. Very knowledgeable and had my repair done expertly and promptly. (and they're out of stock right now) Velo 47 Trekking. Hard to find. Additionally, our rear peep sight allows for fast, precise target acquisition & engagement. You have to remember all of them there complicated thoughts, like you move the front sight in the opposite direction you wish to change the windage (intended grammar errors for editorial effect and humor). I've had Velocity Works service various firearms on a number of occasions, and they do a great job and charge a fair price. I took it off and realized that the posts at the top were machined nearly .1 inch offset, meaning that the whole rear sight was tweaked to the right pretty badly. Vue de remplacement est maintenu en place par une goupille en acier unique, trempé. Nice variety. ;) Typically these are replacing factory sights that were pressed too tightly. Though it was quickly replaced by the AK47, the SKS continued to see widespread use in Soviet Bloc countries, China, and other countries around the world. Joe noticed that I was eligible for a promotion from the manufacturer and went to the effort to not only obtain the required paperwork, but fill. He working the gun for about 30 minutes and, successfully attached the new grip. Choosing A Carry Pistol – Part V – The Double Action Only (DAO) Pistol, Choosing A Carry Pistol – Part IV – The Single Action Only (SAO) Pistol. NEW. I recently just had an Apex trigger installed in my M&P Shield 1.0 and the transformation from stock to upgrade has been tremendous.
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