These are safer than the plastisol inks used on the majority of printed garments that contain PVC and phthalates. 100% Vegan is a must, therefore we don't even assess products that may contain dairy, eggs, fish, molluscs and/or crustaceans. The brand also does a number of limited-edition collaborations. They use vegan leather and recycled plastic for their bags and accessories. They have more phone cases than clothing, but the collection of backpacks, clutches and washbags gave us plenty to drool over. And please leave us your comments to get involved in the discussion. The Vela LED bag is their trademark item. So are there any completely plastic-free vegan fashion brands? The wood adds warmth and makes them look super comfortable. The range is minimal but really punchy, with really distinctive alternative/rock style featuring mainly black and white graphic designs. Garments can … The brand does not mass produce its products, and instead manufactures only small batches or makes products to-order. The company uses only 100% certified organic cotton in the production of its garments, and all their clothes are made in a GOTS-certified factories. Founded in 2013, Wilby Clutch is an accessories brand that specialise in ethical and sustainable handbags and clutches. NOR Clothing seems to have set its sights quite high, with a range of extremely stylish dresses, trousers and outwear, that you can easily imagine hanging on the rails of any premium high street store. url: "/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php", They aim to source only eco-friendly, ethically made, sustainable materials, which is reassuring. They also plant a tree for every single product they sell, and we think that is just another reason to check them out. Kiwi born Emma Mann moved to the UK and ended up selling all her possessions in order to start this fashion label. All of its products are manufactured in Pakistan using Pakistani organic cotton and Sri Lankan natural rubber, ensuring that its products do not contain any plastic-based material. It’s even ingrained in our culture. They use organic and sustainable materials that have been sourced carefully to ensure they are both animal and cruelty free. They say ‘do one thing and do it well’, but LaBante seem to do three things well, specialising in bags, sunglasses and jewellery. The company wants to change the way we consume, shop and treat our planet, animals and each other. The Make it British UK Manufacturers Guide contains the contact details of 100s of hand-picked UK clothing manufacturers. Concerns around ocean plastic are on the rise, and much of the focus has been on the impact of plastic bottles, coffee cups and straws. Made in the UK, they use Italian vegan leather to create some seriously stylish shoes and accessories. Revs stands for ‘Revitalise Your Sole’, and they certainly do that with their distinctive massaging sole design. Based in Newcastle their products are hand screen-printed locally onto ethically sourced materials, and they pride themselves for selling vegan clothing that is also ethical and sustainable. These lovely patterns were apparently inspired by the English flora and fauna seen whilst growing up in Gloucestershire, but we love the sixties inspired ‘kidston-esque’ totes that (to use a cliché) are actually both practical and stylish. They specialise in flip flops and sandals for both men and women that have the unique benefit of in-built reflexology technology. Based in Ireland, they offer a really cohesive range of classically modern accessories including watches, belts, wallets and bags. All of the clothes are also delivered using sustainable packaging. //alert(data); All of Naiad’s clothes are created using natural plant fibres, including organic cotton, and natural dyes. Cork is fast becoming a go-to material for vegan fashion brands. What you’re probably not expecting though is the LED lighting inside, which is supposed to help you find your lippy in an emergency. A.M. It has been found that synthetic materials release microfibers each wash. We do our best to protect your eyes by using polarized UV400 lenses which provide crystal clear vision and anti-glare effect aiming 100% protection against harmful (UVA/UVB) rays. Coming from a renewable source it means that they are more sustainable than synthetic materials. All of the brand’s products are made in Madrid using cork from Spain and Portugal and, where necessary, lined with organic cotton. Plant Faced offers vegan clothing made from organic cotton for both men and women. 1. That’s our roundup of the best vegan clothing brands in the UK right now. Rubber is notoriously difficult (slash impossible) to recycle, so what better way to reuse bicycle tyres and inner tubes that giving them a new life as a belt or guitar strap? The rucksack designs are really unique, but our favourite is their line of statement clutches, perfect for a high fashion look or night out. Organic is very close to our … The staple of everyone’s wardrobe has got to be denim jeans, but unfortunately nearly all the pairs you’ll find on the high street will have a leather patch on the back, some will even have used dyes that were tested on animals. function isEmail(email) { All the shoes are made in Spain, but Beyond Skin are another great British shoe-brand based in Brighton. You can buy clothes direct from their website, but why not check out their Active and Revolt sections to see how seriously this brand takes the cause. UK retailers of organic cotton clothing include People Tree, Gossypium, and Greenfibres. Revs® are a footwear brand with a difference. }, 3000); A real challenge when looking for animal free and cruelty free clothes though, is being sure that what you’re buying are truly vegan winter coats. Sustainable clothing made from natural materials, using renewable energy and delivered in plastic-free packaging. Cork is a really smart choice for wallets as it ages well and feels right. ... Vegan Cruelty Free Organic Recycled Carbon Neutral SERVICES. Majilite’s vegan materials are used in a variety of market segments, including retail, hospitality, and transportation. Rooted in punk, their clothes offer a really distinct streetwear look, and you’ll find everything from t-shirts, hoodies and joggers on their site. As more and more consumers wake up to the high cost of cheap clothes for both humans and the environment, ‘ethical’ and ‘sustainable’ have become two of the biggest buzzwords in the fashion industry. Discover our Ethical, Sustainable Collection of Women's & Men's Organic Clothing, Bamboo Clothing & Hemp Clothing at Thought. Their designs offer an air of sophistication that is thoroughly welcomed in the world of vegan and cruelty free fashion, but they are squarely in the mid range bracket which means they are also attainable. The UK's No.1 Vegan Wholesaler At TheVeganKind Supermarket, it is our mission to make 'chips and a side salad' a thing of the past. Kind to the planet and the people who make it. Helters are more than just a vegan streetwear brand, they create their own original artwork and use it in their prints. That’s Steezy and not sleezy by the way! Collection and Co are predominantly footwear, but also have great accessories such as hats, bags and belts. Luxury isn’t necessarily the first thing that springs to mind when you think of vegan clothing brands, but No One’s Skin offer a truly luxurious option in women’s footwear. This means that all the materials used in the manufacturing process are completely vegan, including main elements like avoiding leather but also not containing animal products in things like glue and dyes (two typical culprits). All of Plant Faced’s clothes are made using organic or … Vegan Streetwear Minus The Sweatshop. Warrillow is the brainchild of one lady in Kings Heath, Birmingham, who started making hats and fascinators herself following a workshop. Below are six online vegan fashion companies who employ ethics towards animals, humans and the planet. Advocates for vegan fashion argue that leather, fur, wool, cashmere and other animal-derived materials pollute the planet, endanger workers’ health and cause animals to suffer needlessly. Your e-mail address will not be published. Established in July 2016, Uncaptive Ethical Clothing Co offer a stylish and practical range of clothing for women, men and children. ISO 9001 ISO14001 Fast Forward Community driven company offering books, clothing and zero waste products that support sanctuaries and grassroots organisations. All of Plant Faced’s clothes are made using organic or plant-based materials and dyed using water-based inks. Vaute (Women’s and Men’s clothing, sweaters, tops, casual and red carpet dresses, button-down shirts, swimsuits and more, focus on reducing waste and using recycled fibers, $35 – $700) on hiatus; Vesta Studio (Made in the U.S.A., eco-friendly women’s styles) 100% Vegan Clothing Brands: clothes with vegan messages. We think you’ll love them. These include organic cotton, bamboo, soy and modal, and the brand is continuously looking to source new plant-based fabrics. Plastic-free packaging. And their ‘cork leather’ handbags are very un-cork like, and wouldn’t go amiss from any high street brand. Wool is a staple of most non-vegan wardrobes, having been a traditional clothing material for centuries. For many, the term ‘vegan clothing’ still has negative connotations, which is why we like brands that come along aiming to break the status quo. While vegan fashion is currently on demand for its cruelty-free clothes, people often forget about the environmental impact of some fabric alternatives. However, many consumers feel that unless the clothes are vegan, applying those terms is just greenwashing. Xianna specialises in handmade accessories, including purses and wallets, backpacks, belts and bags. The packaging is also made of 100% recycled post-consumer and post-industrial content. Immediately recognisable from their aqua coloured insoles and packaging, NAK or No Animal Killed are a stylish footwear brand from London. Many fashion coats you’ll find online and on the high…. Dinomadic have ditched the plastic for wood, creating a range of unique sunglasses that we found refreshingly familiar. Women’s vegan clothing, men’s, and baby clothing. } Naiad’s collections are made for women, and inspired by nature. It just so happens that those people are also vegan. Jackpine even pledge to plant a tree for every pair of socks purchased, which we think is just brilliant. )+([a-zA-Z0-9]{2,4})+$/; if( msg.text() !== '' ){ Wholesale apparel and clothing suppliers: eSources is the largest trade directory of wholesale clothing and apparel suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, importers and wholesalers in the UK.If you are looking for reliable apparel and clothing suppliers, eSources is the ideal resource for your sourcing needs.. Path: Fashion Apparel & Fabrics >> Corporate & Industrial Wear >> Vegan Friendly Clothing manufacturers – Update me on new products 34,728 Vegan Friendly Clothing results from 3,729 Manufacturers Verified Manufacturers Global Sources Payments Accepts Sample Orders Accepts Small Orders Product Videos Sort by Relevancy Supplier Rank: Descending Date Product Posted Response … success:function(data){ Here’s a run down of our favourite UK vegan clothing brands we think you should check out. Corkor sells handmade men’s and women’s accessories, including wallets, satchels, belts, briefcases and card cases. Not only are they made from petroleum, a non-renewable resource, but they are not biodegradable and so are playing a key role in the growing presence of plastic in the oceans. You can even join a jewellery making workshop with the designer herself in London. Since then, I wrote another post featuring 10 More Vegan Apparel Brands You Need to Know About.. Another year has passed and oh-my-goodness, we are living in a marvelous time because now there are over 60 vegan apparel brands! Unlike a lot of brands you wont find separate ranges for women and men, so just pick your style and select your size. 10 Vegan Clothing & Accessory Gift Ideas for Christmas, The 9 Hidden Animal Products in Your Clothes, Vegan festivals 2019 – AKL Cruelty free life. If you’ve struggled to find a style of vegan shoes you like for lack of variety then Beyond Skin may be your salvation. If you’re a fan of heels and chic footwear then look no further. Their range of bags feature materials like cork and cotton and are all reassuringly made in the UK. As the plant-based movement grows, more fashion designers are adding apparel with pro-vegan messages to their collections. Vegan outdoor clothing and gear are products that don’t contain any animal-derived products. Classy vegan branded clothes that work in the boardroom with a blazer, through to workout in the gym. However, the fashion industry actually accounts for 15-30% of plastics found in the oceans, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature. $(document).ready(function(){ We want every eatery in the UK to offer at least one or two delicious vegan options that will have local vegans queuing out the door! Many animal-lovers and ecologically conscious clothes enthusiasts opt for vegan fashion brands that promise sustainable and environmentally friendly garments. What’s more, once you’ve worn your Heartcure clothing out, you ship it back to them and they’ll recycle it in to something else! One of the biggest challenges for modern vegans, especially those less acquainted living a full plant-based lifestyle, is finding high quality, ethical clothes that fit their personal style. The VEGAN Happy Clothing Company makes vegan branded clothes you could wear anywhere. var msg = $( '.wysija-msg' ); Witjuti It’s softer than silk, more breathable than cotton, and eco-conscious to boot … Vegan Clothing UK, Vegan Clothing – ItsVeganMade. JW PEI UK – Vegan accessories brand from LA -Minimalist design in sustainable vegan materials is at the heart of the brand. These are perfect for a special occasion, and their site has some really interesting and pretty creations you can peruse any time. } Not the most obvious area for a vegan brand to target, but one where wool dominates the main market, is outdoor clothing including hiking and sports socks. If you don’t think that the process of shearing itself is bad, you might want to consider the larger…, The cold weather certainly feels like it’s on its way, and the high street is stocking up with winter coats. Vegan Outfitters – Premium Vegan Clothing for women, with every purchase made helping save farmyard animals. var regex = /^([a-zA-Z0-9_.+-])+\@(([a-zA-Z0-9-])+\. Vegan fashion is undoubtedly a good thing, as it’s decreasing our dependency on animals in an industry that has been found guilty of severe cruelty. This collection of knitwear, organic cotton pieces and women's vegan clothing has been designed from sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics. What is outdoor vegan clothing? Whilst it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, we love the natural look. //alert(email); Another London based startup label they are only available online but offer free delivery and returns in the UK. Sheep are regularly nicked, cut, amputated, and even castrated during the shearing process. Born from our love for animals, a want to positively promote veganism & do our bit for our planet while looking good as we do so. We aim to be so much more than just clothing, we are a community of compassionate people living by their hearts. It’s not just vegan leather, though. Buy online or in their store. So it’s nice to see that going vegan doesn’t mean you have to ditch the tweed. In order to replace animal-derived materials such as fur, silk or leather, brands often opt for plastic-based alternatives, which contribute to environmental damage, particularly in the oceans. One of the very first blog posts I’ve ever written was 10 Kickass Vegan T-Shirt Brands where I shared with you all my top vegan apparel companies. We’re all familiar with the global fashion brands of the high street, but knowing where to start when transitioning to buying only clothes that contain no animal products can seem hard. They are firmly placed in the high end price bracket, but the designs are extremely stylish and give us all something to aspire to. Another independent designer, Susie Faulks has a brilliant range of vegan shoulder bags, cross-body and tote bags. Current Naiad collections include islands, waves, depth, rock and gold. Other fabrics that are essentially plastic include lycra, elastane, polyester, polyamide, nylon, viscose and spandex. 100% animal cruelly free and ethically manufactured. The brand also sells accessories such as caps and tote bags, which are made using organic cotton and chino cotton. (function($){ If you ever doubted that you’d be able to dress stylishly again without breaking the bank, then hopefully Forester Products will reaffirm the lifestyle you’ve chosen. Bourgeoise Boheme was started in 2005 by an ex-podiatrist and long-time vegan, who combined their foot care expertise with a love for shoes in order to recreate classic styles minus the animal products. The awards celebrated the best of a vegan lifestyle in the UK, covering a whopping 17 ‘vegan’ categories including best cheese, desserts, footwear, and vloggers. Bespoke Export White Label Wholesale AWARDS & ACCREDITATIONS. Many of their bags feature animal patterns but you wont find any animal products here, because all of Katherena’s creations are made using cruelty-free and ethical materials. Ethletic, a German vegan and sustainable athletic brand, specialises in sports shoes, as well as flip-flops and t-shirts for both men and women. LaBante has one of the most extensive range of handbags we’ve seen, and the best part is that they’re all vegan. We particularly like their printed tees, and we just love the fact they plant a tree for every order placed. But vegan fabrics aren’t always environmentally friendly. Cruelty-free vegan fashion is on the rise. Some say upcycling is better for the environment than recycling, but not everyone has the knack for creating their own jean shorts at home. //window.location.replace( 'http://your_thank_you_page_url' ); They have an extensive range of shoes, boots, and trainers for women in contemporary styles that you’d expect from premium high street brands. }); Plastic-free vegan fashion brands that are truly sustainable, 6th July 2018 (Last Updated July 6th, 2018 15:04), Telcos investment in LTE/ LTE-A will support growth in mobile subscriptions, CEOs trends: Covid-19 leads Twitter mentions in November 2020, Venture Capitalists trends: Fintech leads Twitter mentions in November 2020, This artist is creating a “belligerent algorithm” to expose AI bias, Rainforest Connection and Hitachi use AI to predict illegal logging, Mobility startup Bolt raises €150m in biggest funding round to date, people often forget about the environmental impact, where up to 40% of them enter rivers, lakes and oceans, plastic recycling process is contributing to ocean pollution, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak launches blockchain company Efforce, AWS and Boom Supersonic partner on world’s fastest aircraft, Love in times of pandemic – Covid-19 makes dating apps thrive, Fintech predictions for 2021: Seven experts have their say, Top M&A legal adviser in global TMT sector for Q1-Q3 2020 revealed, Top ten ICT sector M&A legal advisers for H1 2020 revealed, Top ten ICT sector M&A financial advisers for H1 2020 revealed. Also, they aren’t just vegan but environmentally friendly too. This UK-based brand are 100% vegan and have a large range, spanning clothes and accessories for men, women and children. While the company is based in the US, it offers international shipping. Alice Vandy / HeartCure / Anima Cosciente / Beyond Skin / Bourgeoise Boheme / Collection & Co / Delinquent Apparel / Dinomadic / Fabrikk / Forester Products / Friendship / FRiLuk / Helters / Hetty + Sam / Jackpine Socks / Katherena / La Bante / Moddanio / Monkeegenes / NAK Fashion / No Fixed Abode / No One’s Skin / Nor Clothing / Revs / SteezyT / Susie Faulks / Tivydale / Uncaptive / Warrillow / Viva la Vegan / Wilby. Winner of the Queen's Award. The prices are on the higher end, but the brand believes in creating a garment that is built to last. Loomstate believes that a sustainable system is one where everyone wins environmentally, socially and economically. You don’t need to sacrifice style to be eco, check out Rapanui.
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